Sustainability is Key

Sustainability is Key

As sustainability is as crucial as ever, it has also become an important value in the fashion industry. More designers are focusing on working more sustainably and to implement these principles in their collections. This year, MQVFW.22 will once again show collections of designers who have made it their goal to create fashion more consciously.



CONSCHES is an eco-friendly fashion label with a unique color and pattern selection. 100% made in Austria. The Vienna based label combines great attention to detail, colorful designs, careful craftsmanship with wearable yet special clothing. Inspired by women’s lives and needs, the goal is to design clothes that women feel comfortable in and that make them shine even more.

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Founded on 28.11.2013, the ROEE label was created out of passion and love for fashion. The goal behind it was to create new awareness and fascinate people for high-quality materials, thoughtful cuts and elaborate processing techniques. Rene Pomberger uses high-quality materials in muted colors for his impressive collections, which he meticulously coordinates and chooses very consciously. As a source of inspiration, the talented designer uses extraordinary cuts and processing techniques.





PLURAL, a Graz-based fashion label, has been designing clothing and bags for the modern urban woman since 2015 under the motto “Live fair and beautiful”. All Plural pieces are designed and produced in Austria, using primarily high-quality certified organic materials, natural materials or sustainably produced materials. Only non-animal materials such as cork, Piñatex® or paper are used for the bags.

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SLANGSLANG has always been trying to join a trendy but beneficial wave. In our opinion the keywords are nowadays UPCYCLING and using RECYCLED fabrics for our creations. We believe in the sustainable and slow, but creative circle of fashion which is ruled by environmentally conscious customers.

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