Street & Urban Fashion

Street & Urban Fashion

Everyone can find something at MQVFW.22, no matter their taste and preferences. If casual, avant-garde or artsy – we will present collections for everyone. To bring some coolness into the event, several designers will present their street and urban styles during their fashion shows.


Two highlights will be presented at this year’s TrueYou Fashion Show. The in-house TrueYou Fashion collection and the TrueYou Fashion collection powered by OBI inspired by our partner this year. Because this year we are going “back to the roots”. We remember the time almost 10 years ago when TrueYou was launched and actually everything started (you wouldn’t believe it) at OBI. The designers and founders of TrueYou bought shirts from various stores, which were refined and individualized with tools from OBI. This year, we get to revisit this story and go back to our roots together.

© Chiara Milo

TrueYou MQVFW.22


MIJU Clothing

MIJU fashion is versatile and suits the wearer perfectly. Exiting cuts are creating a lively character. This creates unnumerable possibilities of different combinations of the MIJU-designer clothes. Julia Steinkogler creates designer clothes under her label MIJU which becomes the favorite pieces for its wearer and meets the elegant aspects with some casual accents as well. MIJU clothing uses only high-quality and ecologically produced original materials processing fair trade on the highest level of craftsmanship.

© Leshea Lewis



art point

art point – a Vienna-based brand – was founded in 1998 in Russia by Lena Kvadrat. Through understanding fashion as a means of communication and as a symbolic language – which uses both explicit and encoded signals – she has created presentations and projects in collaboration with people from other creative fields and institutions. Creating awareness of the fact that clothing and accessories are subjected to differing social codes, transmitting a symbolism which can be decoded, and if possible transformed, art point’s collections are dedicated to developing a certain, often broad or abstract topic and subsequently transform these observations into actual garments.

©art point




The art behind our fashion and this collection can bring an openness to new ideas related to modern times. It can teach to see things from a different angle or to better perceive subtleties. It can increase the appreciation of quality and mastery and help to deal with ambiguity and multidimensionality. Collection 22 focuses on the strong independent woman in our society. Classic business style is combined with asymmetrical cut innovations. Pleat details and cut-outs as well as handmade applications make the statements. Here, complex cut pieces combine to create fashionable one-of-a-kinds – each with a unique signature.

© Paul Marcher



Beauty and uniqueness expressed through the art of Avantgarde


Designers who style outfits in a unique way


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