Ida Sandor: A Slovakian Multi-Tasker

Ida Sandor

Ida Sandor: A Slovakian Multi-Tasker

Ida Sandor is a designer, who established her label in 1993 in Košice, Slovakia. For the first time in her career she will be presenting her patchwork-based designs at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week. Get to know Ida’s proudest moment, her key to success and how she manages to have seven-year-old twins and a successful fashion label at the same time. Ida Sandor’s show presented by the Slovakian Institute in Vienna and Agentura Promotion will be taking place on Wednesday, September 13th at 9:00 PM.To get to know the woman behind it all, keep on reading.


Your label was established in 1993 – which means you had a lot of time to develop and adapt it to your own dreams as well as to your customers needs! How would you describe the development of your fashion brand?

After years of considering fashion to be my hobby and winning competitions for young designers I set up my Fashion Studio Ida Sandor. I organised fashion shows and various presentations but a real breakthrough was the presentation at Bratislavské módne dni (Bratislava Fashion Days) and I would like to thank Mrs Mária Reháková – the organiser – thanks to whom I was also invited to the Vienna Fashion Week. I started to create whole thematic collections and present my work at various fashion shows, the furthest in Harbin, China. They started to write about me and now I am recognised for my fashion and style.

What was your key to success? What would you recommend every upcoming designer to do?

The key to success is work, work and work. It really is hard work; sometimes I am so tired that I am not even able to enjoy the actual show when presenting my collection. But, of course, the feeling of happiness from success and recognition is indescribable. My advise to all beginning fashion designers is to experiment a lot and be interested in new materials and constructions of cuts. It is very important to find one’s own style and keep it no matter what.

You say you specialise in patchwork – is this a popular technique in Slovakia? Why did you choose to focus on it? Does it have a special meaning for you personally?

Patchwork doesn’t have a special meaning for me and it is not very common in Slovakia either. I can do all kinds of handiwork and I wanted to try patchwork too but I was not happy with the common one but rather created different unusual combinations. So patchwork has become my signature. It is, so to say, the haute couture of my models. Patchwork is very time-consuming and requires a lot of elaborate work. Each model is thus original, timeless and unique.

It’s your first time at MQ Vienna Fashion Week, what can visitors expect from your show? What would you like them to realise about your collection?

It is for the first time I present my work in Vienna and I am looking forward to it very much. I am preparing a new collection of models with interesting cuts, from high-quality materials such as silk, cashmere and leather. I stay true to my minimalistic style, elaborate cuts, elegant silhouette and general uniqueness. I would like to be recognised as a designer with elaborate and timeless taste.

Which moment was your proudest in your career?

I am proud that I can do my former hobby for a living now and am able to present a new successful collection every season.

Who was the most famous woman you were allowed to dress in your designs?

I appreciate all who like to wear my clothes and feel special in my creations. Different women from social and political life wear my clothes but I most appreciate working with Mrs Elena Kohútiková, the renowned personality of the finance sector and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Všeobecná úverová banka (VUB (part of Intesa Sanpaolo)).

How do you manage to be a loving mum for your twins and an entrepreneur at the same time? Do you have secret tips for people struggling with similar situations?

I have seven-year-old twins that I love very much and my family means everything to me. My husband supports me greatly and is able to take care of everything when I am extremely busy at work. I do not have a special recipe for success. It is necessary to have a system and plan everything in advance and keep to the plan. I often work at the weekends and my kids come to the studio with me. But you can do anything if you really want to. I do not complain; we enjoy our time together.

Ida Sandor

© Ida Sandor

Ida Sandor

© Ida Sandor

Ida Sandor

© Ida Sandor

Ida Sandor

© Ida Sandor

Titelbild: © Ida Sandor


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