Mirela Diaconu

Mirela Diaconu

Mirela Diaconu is the designer and founder of Mirela Diaconu Studio.  A brand that puts women first.  Her imagination and creativity drives her to create elegant dresses, glamourous evening gowns and wedding dress masterpieces that are every girl’s desire.   Her creations and signature collections are a combination of the latest fashion trends, fabrics and embellishments.  Every piece designed by Mirela Diaconu captures a woman’s sophistication and femininity.

The core of the brand is represented in each of her collections with a touch of extraordinary and a hint of eccentricity using contrasting fabrics and designs to accentuate and emphasize the female silhouette.

This fusion of luxurious and simple designs, exceptional fabrics and sometimes formal elements are adapted perfectly to the pieces she creates and the requirements of contemporary fashion.

For her, fashion represents a profound and complex story that needs to be told. There is no need to speak the story when a woman wears one of her designs, the dress speaks for itself.  It tells a story of mystery, sincerity, strength and sophistication, you decide by wearing one of her creations what story you want told.

  • Mirela Diaconu got her degree in fashion design at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) and an Accessories Designer diploma at Domus Academy, both in Milan.


picture credit © Christian Tudose


Fashion Show: 16.9.2017/ 17.00

Standnummer: 118





Aviator Petre Cretu 64A



Illustration by: MQVFW Team


Exhibition, Fashion Show


Exhibition, Fashion, Mirela Diaconu, show

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