Minimalistisch, smart und mit archtitektonischem Design sind Mihaela Glavans Schuhe geprägt von einem charakteristischen Farbschema und dem Ziel von modernen Schuhen mit Komfort. Die Schuhe werden in Mihaela Glavans Atelier in Bukarest von Hand aus ausgesuchten Materialien gefertigt. Führende rumänischen Designer*innen und Stylist*innen verwenden Schuhe von Mihaela Glavan für Catwlk Shows, Fotoshootings und andere Projekte.


Minimalist, smart and architectural in design Mihaela Glavan’s shoes boast a distinctive sense of color, with fine attention to the development of contemporary shoes and the comfort they offer. Combined these elements – and many more besides – make a pair of Mihaela Glavan shoes an object of desire. All of Mihaela Glavan’s shoes are hand-made in her own Bucharest-based workshop with materials carefully selected for each collection. Most Romanian designers and stylists from the country’s top fashion magazines use Mihaela Glavan shoes for catwalks, photo sessions and different projects in the field.

First launched in 2003, Mihaela Glavan shoes soon become well-known on the Romanian market and, since 2006, internationally. Mihaela Glavan has been featured at Montreal Fashion Week, Cyprus Fashion Week, Kiev Fashion Week Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week and Vienna Fashion Week. Mihaela’s shoes line can be ordered and customized in her Bucharest showroom, while a big shoe selection is sold online.


picture credit © mihaela glavan


Exhibition: 202




104 Sabinelor Str.
50854 Bucharest

Illustration by: MQVFW Team


2019, Exhibition


Exhibition, Fashion, Mihaela Glavan, Shoes

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