Die Herbst / Winter Kollektion von Andrea Tincu ist inspiriert vom wilden Leben in der Stadt. Im Motiv des nächtlichen Jungles spiegelt sich auch der lebhafte Stil des Großstadtdschungels in ihren Designs wider. Farbenfrohe, lebendige Muster, die Andrea Tincu händisch erstellt und digital auf Stoffe überträgt sind der Eyecatcher.
Fair Trade Stoffe und komplexe Silhouetten sind die Besonderheiten der Outfits von Andrea Tincu.


The FW 2019/20 Andrea Tincu collection was inspired by the wild spirit of the big cities. The motif of jungle at night was used to represent its vivid life after dawn similar with the one from the cities.
The center of attention in this collection are the bright and dynamic prints with a lot of details. Andrea Tincu uses only natural and fair traded fabrics, and all the prints are created manually by the designer and then digitally processed. The clothes have complex shapes with surprising details.

Andrea Tincu is a ready-to-wear brand which is dedicated to women who appreciate complex patterns, luxurious finishes and original prints. The Andrea Tincu clothes and accessories are a fusion between art and fashion. All the fabrics used are eco-friendly and excellent for the skin. Andrea Tincu` s collections were shown on many runaways from Europe: Kiev, Amsterdam, Vienna, Athens, Bucharest, London, Sarajevo, Zagreb, etc.


picture credit © ProImage


Fashion Show: 14.09.2019 / 16:00


45 Elena Doamna
700398 Iasi

Illustration by: MQVFW Team


2019, Fashion Show


Andrea Tincu, Fashion, show

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