Culture and Quality – the importance of Thai fashion

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Culture and Quality – the importance of Thai fashion

Traditional garments, creative designs and a perfect combination of local features and culture turn the fashion of Thai designers into an eye-catcher. The different collections are inspired by the finest fabrics, wall painting or even the art of faith, so each timeless creation becomes truly special. But not only handmade works of art, but also environmentally friendly materials and good quality are vital, because due to sustainable materials, the designs promise perfection and uniqueness.



Kram Phon

Mr. Rattapol Thongdee and Mr. Wucharaphon  Kampromma   we are the Designers of the KRAM PHON brand. Fashion designers do business about Thai fabrics fashion and a person who likes to create fashion jobs in modern craft styles.






Each piece is unique known as “A truly wearable work of art”. Marionsiam is the name inspired by the novel “Thawiphop”. This collection takes inspiration from the novel elements such as the garland, structure and color tones of the clothes during the reign of King Rama V (1886) in Thailand and European clothing, cut and redesigned to suit the modern era.

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Paul Direk

PAUL DIREK – a Thai fashion designer who has gained massive success in international fashion sphere was chosen to represent fashion designers from Thailand to participate in many shows such as MQ Vienna Fashion Week / Jakarta Fashion Week / ASEAN Republic of Korea Fashion Week.

© Paul Direk





Frank Weeneggsinn Kaewphongsri is the founder of the brand ISSI by Frank Weeneggsinn and RIVA by Frank Weeneggsinn under The Best Creation Company Limited, which was established 18 years ago as the brand ISSI and later in 2012 the brand was born as RIVA means river from  Traveling along the river, we found many local wisdoms, one of which is the technique of catching fabric smocking by hand of making pumpkin pillows that we see together at weddings or as decorations on the backs of taxis in Bangkok.

© RIVA Frank Weeneggsinn Kaewphongsri





Bringing together a charming story of traditional cultures through the period of time, “Different but Together”, a new collection from SIRINTRA, integrates the value of the time difference which eventually brings everything together. In this collection, SIRINTRA introduces the delicacy of the Thai Silk textiles from Phamai baankrua, which is the traditional textile with exceptional weaving techniques, with the natural texture of “Thai Hemp” from HEMPTHAI – organic Hemp Smart Farm which is making several products originating from the hemp plant.

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Sustainability is Key


Minimal & Casual


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