Couture: Where gracefulness and timeless art come together

Couture: Where gracefulness and timeless art come together

Couture is known to be made of the finest fabrics and high-quality materials, embracing luxury and glamour. Aesthetic silhouettes radiate sumptuous fashion and self-confidence, therefore highlighting timeless art and sophistication. At this year’s MQVFW22, numerous designers will be presenting their couture fashion creations that are brimming with glamour and elegance.


Thang de Hoo

Thang de Hoo is a master of quiet luxury – transparency, depth and wearability. The brand “Thang de Hoo” is synonymous with aesthetics, taste, feminine confidence and uncompromising love of quality. Each collection features the finest craftsmanship and materials, bold, intuitive, and refined. As a result, Thang de Hoo is adapting to the needs and desires of international women who swear by the brand’s distinctive jet luxurious garments. The designer’s creations reflect his always elegant and timeless style. Feminine and straight cuts are a common thread throughout his collections.

© Thang de Hoo




Oliver Tolentino

Based in Beverly Hills, California, OLIVER TOLENTINO is a red carpet couturier and celebrity go-to for everything luxurious and elegant.  His feminine detailing and strong silhouettes capture old Hollywood glamour.  With a design philosophy that stems from his native Philippines, Tolentino’s vibrant colors and prints and attention to couture details have earned him an A-List clientele.

© Marina Yazykova



Miché Couture

Michala Babčanová’s label miché.couture is synonymous with the love of fashion and detail, with the philosophy of expressing beauty through fashion. Her strong sense of feminine aesthetics immediately catches the eye. For the MQ Vienna Fashion Week.22 Michala Babčanová has created a collection as the self-confident sensual woman would dream for herself. With individual pieces that, on the one hand, radiate the elegance of art nouveau ornamentation and the glamour of effective stage costumes of the golden 1920s, and on the other hand touch the wearer as intimately as possible – the finest fabric on naked skin, a dreamy seduction with a touch of fin de siècle.

© Michala Babčanová




Mia Papa

MIA PAPA is a luxury ready-to-wear, accessories and homewares brand, launched by Mia Papaefthimiou-Milcic in 2019. As a founder and creative director, Mia is committed to creating timeless wardrobes addressing the modern, international woman, leading the way for an inspired and elegant lifestyle. With a unique approach to sustainable luxury, MIA PAPA’s collections are anchored in local handcrafted production, using responsibly sourced, luxury materials and couture techniques.

© Kynthia Kindeli



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