Beauty and uniqueness expressed through the art of Avantgarde

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Beauty and uniqueness expressed through the art of Avantgarde

A forward-looking movement animated by creative designers who embrace their talent through unique pieces of the highest quality and propose ideas that stand out from the conventional- that’s what Avantgarde is known for. The designers at this year’s MQVFW22 express the elegance and natural beauty of every woman through their creations and subsequently invent exceptional and colorful masterpieces. Combining extravagant clothing with the diversity of beauty, every woman can feel special and courageous.



Maison NYCA

In addition to the extraordinary leather bags and colorful accessories, the design studio MAISON NYCA presents this year for the first-time extravagant clothing- made in Austria, produced sustainably and waste-free.

In the house of NYCA, the fashion world of the 1980s meets the current zeitgeist. It results in unique and distinctive colourful masterpieces for self-confident and strong individuals.

These exclusive outfits are combined with black and colourful, innovative and detailed corsages and harnesses. Also presented are elegant and everyday chokers, extravagant headdresses, fancy belts, extraordinary hip-bags and pompous handbags.

© Nicole Lechner




Evelin Grubbauer

After graduating from the Fashion Institute Vienna and several years in stage costume design, Evelin Grubbauer presents her collection “HELIOS” at MQVFW.22. For the designer this means a new start – the rising of the sun of her career.

The collection is inspired by the elegance, symbols and colors of the sun. The choice of natural materials – cotton, silk, leather and wool – is a tribute to the elegant, flowing lines and natural beauty of Art Nouveau. The pieces of the Fall/Winter collection are aesthetic yet comfortable – for a wide range of body shapes. Inclusivity is an important concern for the designer. Beauty and comfort, expressed through fashion, should be possible for everyone. All pieces of the collection “HELIOS” are unique and handmade in Vienna by the designer herself.

© Nadine-Rishwan





The schnittBogen is an open workshop for textiles, fashion and design and has been offering its co-workers space to work with professional equipment and benefit from each other for 10 years.

Since the foundation of his label “BUGARIC” in 2012, Serbian-born Goran Bugaric has been a co-worker at schnittBogen. His collections have already been presented at New York and Paris Fashion Week and for the past six years he has been passing on his craftsmanship know-how to his students as a fashion teacher at HLMW9 Michelbeuern.

After graduating from university with a degree in electrical engineering, Katarina Tutić soon realized that electrical engineering did not give her the same feelings of happiness as fashion. Having designed her own clothes at a young age, she returned to this passion. Now she uses fashion as a medium to express herself, her love, and her thoughts.

After graduating from HLMW9 in design, Andrijana Miljus joined schnittBogen as a co-worker, where she has been working on her fashion ever since. With her label “ana van der wolf” she realizes her vision of a global fashion revolution, an awakening, in the spirit of sustainability.




Flutura Dedinja

FLUTURA DEDINJA – a name that has given life to a clothing brand, which is increasingly recognized for the uniqueness, courage and artistic values it transmits and represents to every woman.

FLUTURA DEDINJA’s creations include high fashion and ready-to-wear, designed with a unique style, combining the classic with the avant-garde, where every woman can feel special and expressive.

FLUTURA DEDINJA collections always bring innovation with dresses that can transform the look, with unexpected combinations of softness and structural cuts, minimal and maximal, which are resistant to time and styled to express the courage and uniqueness of every woman.

© Shenoll Zehri



Nicolas Dudek

At the young age of 16, Nicolas Dudek has long experience with fashion design and manufacturing. The Viennese High School student fell in love with glamorous fabrics as a child that today he works on most skilfully and transposes it in his personal Couture Fashion.

Nicolas Dudek is putting the female beauty into the spotlight. LE CIEL is the motto of his MQVFW 2022 runway collection. His inspiration is the sky over Paris, the changing colours, and structures of the clouds, uncontrollable for us human beings. Tulle is behaving similarly, cannot be controlled, lives and changes with the movements.

© Martin Ignatowicz




Minimal & Casual


Street & Urban Fashion


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